Buying Subscriptions dont work?

Whenever I try to Buy a subscription I confirm it but all that happens is the page just stays the same. I dont receive any credits.

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Hi @Jimmy-Vietnamese-Intro - thanks for your post. It seems like a tech issue.

@AmeNguyen and @Andreas_Admin_Flexi are the people who deal with Flexi Classes so they’ll probably want to check this out.

It might also be worth reporting to [email protected]. Do send any screenshots or even better, a video of what is happening so it can be better diagnosed.

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Hello Jimmy and thanks for posting on here.
I can check this out for you. Which subscription are you trying to buy?

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I’m trying to Buy the Flexi-class $38 AUD for 1 Group lesson a week with the free trial

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Ah thanks. You already created an account and it is not possible to purchase a trial subscription once you have an account (it wouldnt be a trial anymore).
This probably happened because you did not go through the whole sign up process at the beginning or did not enter your credit card.
You can only purchase a trial subscription when you sign up for the first time.

I just went ahead and deleted your Flexi account connected to this email, so you can sign up again on Sign Up To Flexi Classes (Free 7 Day Trial) || Multiple Languages using the same email address. Make sure you go through the whole process in one go, do not use the “back” buttons and enter all the information.

Great to have you with us.


I just re-made my account going through the Free Trial Process I put in my billing details yet still no credits?

It wont even let me buy any subscriptions? @Andreas_Admin_Flexi