Bingsu || Have you ever tried Korean shaved ice? 😍

I believe Korean shaved ice has become more and more popular in many countries in Europe recently (maybe the US too?) and I definitely recommend you try it once if you have the chance!

Korean shaved ice, also known with its Korean name Bingsu λΉ™μˆ˜, is a milk-based shaved ice dessert that include many toppings (chopped fruits, red beans, mochi, ice cream, cookie etc) where you can also add condensed milk or syrup.

As you can notice from everything we can add in a Bingsu, it comes in a lot of different variations. The most traditional is called PatBingsu (νŒ₯λΉ™μˆ˜) and has red beans, condensed milk and small pieces of rice cake (λ–‘ tteok).

My favourite is mango bingsu, which is milk shaved ice with condensed milk and big chunks of mango :heart_eyes:

Have you ever tried bingsu? What’s your favourite flavour?

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I need to try this!! I drank so much iced coffee in Seoul I totally forgot to even think about trying Bingsu :laughing:

I found this great list online of best Bingsu in Seoul - I’ll be adding some pins to my Naver map for next time!

I love bingsu as well! Here in Taipei I tried the mango bingsu and it was SO good!

There’s also the Taiwanese shaved ice called η€€ε†° (Chhoah-peng) whic is usually less sweet, it has peanuts and sometimes you can even add tofu!

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Never had this, need to change that!

What are the most populat flavours typically? I guess you can only get these in summer, or it is an all-year round thing?

I believe the shops are open all year round but they are wayyy more popular with the hot weather!

They have seasonal flavours, such as mango in summer :heart_eyes: