Best App to Learn Italian?

Anyone here studying Italian?

Italian is a key language for me given my wife is from Italy. It’s a language I’ll be fighting to win with for many years to come!

Whlst I feel I’ve made solid progress so far, I want to push forward.

Anyone got any recommendations for the best apps to learn Italian?

I’ve been using Lingodeer for Korean lately and they also offer Italian so I might try that out. Otherwise I’ve never really found anything I’ve been a big fan of :frowning:

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Maybe @Tuk-Mandarin_Simplified_HSK_5 and @Guillaume-Mandarin_Simplified will have some suggestions for you :thinking:

I need one! I studied Italian in high school and thought I am still ok, but yesterday met five nuns who will study Vietnamese with us at LTL Saigon and some of whom only spoke Italian and was not able to speak properly with them as good as I thought I should have been able to.
Time to get back on it.

Just not Duolingo please…

Guil just suggested to me an app called Assimil. He’s using it for Italian.

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Ciao! I’m not currently using an app to learn Italian, but my office in Taipei is half Italian so I’m just picking up random words here and there :laughing:

my favourite so far: pero dai!

@Ha_Nguyen thanks for the Assmil recommendation! I’ll check it out when I’m ready to take the leap into more serious Italian study :wink:

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Never heard of this. Will take a look.

Thanks Ha :slight_smile:

Assimil is a French company and in France ten years ago it was the only proper textbook available to learn any Asian language!

Now there are a lot more options of course, but they are a pretty big name in the world of language learning, although in my opinion very “textbook” like and not ideal for immediate use.

I had no idea they had an app, maybe I should give it a try to see if my opinion of them changes


I’m not very familiar with apps to learn Italian, but to start with the basics I can recommend the Italian Grammar Banks Italian Grammar Bank (Beginner to Advanced) | Flexi Classes :wink:

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