Based in Europe? Join our Mandarin Retreat Summer Camp 2024!

If you’re based in Europe and are up for the ultimate Chinese learning adventure, listen up! This year we’re planning an awesome, fully immersive five day summer camp in the UK, packed with fun Chinese learning activities. And we want your input.

In order to plan the best event we possibly can, we’re running a survey giving you the chance to register your interest and have your say on preferred dates, locations and activities: RSVP 1 — Mandarin Retreat

Our last camp took place in Wales in August and saw learners flying in from three European countries to participate!

Everyone had an awesome time learning Tai Chi, playing Mahjong, making Chinese dumplings, watching Mandarin movies and exploring the stunning countryside together, all under the guidance of professional tutors in a totally immersive Mandarin language environment.

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Sounds interesting. How do you guys create an immersion experience in Europe during the camp?

The camp takes place in the UK and is very popular for learners from all around Europe! :slight_smile:

Somehow misread this initially and didn’t read the “How” at the start of the sentence!

We have an amazing team of organizers, volunteers, and tutors who support participants to engage in a range of activities, completely in Mandarin Chinese.

We explore the local scenery together, go on hikes, learn to cook Chinese food, and put on a range of cultural lessons each day. These include learning mahjong, lessons on Chinese medicine, and karaoke. So the overall experience replicates being surrounded by Mandarin just as though learners were in China, with the added advantage of being constantly supported by the team. :grinning:

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