B2 Classes Inquiry

Hello! Just wondering, when will the B2 classes be online? I’m enjoying the B1 classes but they’re a bit below my level so I’d love to move to B2 when that becomes possible. Thanks!


Hi Abigial
Glad to hear you enjoy the classes so far. what’s your level in terms of JLPT? We are making B1+ level which is N3 (JLPT). I think we can finish at the end of July. Hopefully, it can be done earlier so that you can book the class.
In B1+ level, you can try Free speaking class. I think it’s will be challeging

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Hi Rosie,

My JLPT level is N3. Yes, free speaking sounds perfect!

Thanks for the reply.


What about N2?Will you make it available any time soon? Thank you for your hard work

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It is also on the To Do list. We are getting N3 done first of course, but N2 is next.
Also, we are responsive to student requests, so if you (and others if there is interest?) keep mentioning it on here, it will happen faster :smiley:

The Mandarin students just successfully pushed for a 2nd very advanced level on here HSK5 is AVAILABLE on Chinese New Year - #12 by Kelly-Mandarin-HSK_2

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N2 would be great for me as well, as my abilities are somewhere in the N3/N2 range!