Any way to change from "Spoken only"

I was looking at some of the pdfs for the character lessons, and although I don’t study handwriting, I still like learning about the characters. Besides, there is other useful elements to those lessons in terms of grammar and vocab. Is there a way to swathed so that they are not skipped and appear in my unstudied classes?

Thank you so much for pointing this out. We will work on this to allow students to change this mode. For now, if you chose “spoken only” when registering, character lessons will be crossed out of the curriculum.

@Feng2.Zhe2-HSK_4_plus We have just inserted a field for students to choose to skip or unskip lessons related to writing.
To do that, please go to “my setting” LTL Flexi Classes

If you tick on the box, you will filter only speaking lessons.
If you untick the box, you should be able to see lessons with a character tag.