Any Italian B1+ topic idea?

Xin chao! I’m a newbie in Italian B1+ team :heart_eyes:
I’d love to hear your ideas, opinions and insights of this new level.
:bulb: Is there any topic that you want to suggest for the upcoming material?

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Ooo B1+

Hoping to get to this level one day soon. I love cultural stuff about Italy, I wonder if we could maybe prepare things about this such as:

– Different types of pasta across Italy (it can vary a lot depending on the region)
– TV games shows in Italy (or something related to TV)
– Italian holidays and festivals (such as Ferragosto)
– Discover parts of Italy (lessons related to certain areas such as the Amalfi coast, Alberobello, Matera etc)
– something related to university life in Italy (traditions etc)

I’m not sure if these relate to B1 but hope it gives some fresh ideas. I wonder if @Ottavia-Mandarin_Simplified_HS has any thoughts being an Italian native herself :wink:


Wow that’s a lot of great ideas that we can carry out for Italian B1+!
Noted and thank you so much :heart_decoration: @Max

I love @Max idea about University traditions! In Italy we have a LOT of traditions for university students, especially during graduation, so that’s a topic a would cover for sure :heart_eyes:

Another interesting one could be “dos and don’ts” in the Italian food culture! We have a nice article from our Italian freelancer Elisa about it that could give some inspiration Top 13 Italian Pet Peeves: What NOT To Do Around Italians :laughing:

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