About the review lesson

Hello Everyone,

I am kind of new in the game and I have a question about the review lesson. That might sound stupid but, if there is Review lesson, where are the classes that teach you those specific lessons ? Are you studying by yourself on a specific book and then go to a Review lesson to see if you understood well or is there some class that teach you those lessons and then you have Review class just to refresh your memory ?

Would help me a lot to know because I didn’t dare to go to one of it in fear of not understanding anything

Just to know :slight_smile: :grinning:
Thanks a lot !
Bahia (You can prononce my name like 八鸭)


Hello Bahia :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ,

The review lessons are a review of the four classes just before it (If you go on “My level” you will notice that there is a review lesson after four classes).

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OOO (MINDBLOWN) I see !! :laughing:

Ok, thanks for the information, it is going to help me improve a coherent learning path because I chose my lessons only on affinity with a subject not according to a program. Very nice, thanks a lot !

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Welcome Bahia!

Yes Soraya is absolutely right. I really recommend taking them to nail home the knowledge you picked up. It’s easy to forget things learned in a lesson after all!


Welcome !