A2 Level Japanese Flexi Classes are ONLINE

Starting from the 23rd of August we have Japanese level A2 small group classes online.
The cost is the same as for Intro and A1 level classes (1 credit) and the average group class size is less than 2 students per class.
A great deal to pay for group but actually be the only student in the class and effectively get individual tutoring.

We are working on the A2+ level already and will go online with it mid September (less than a month from now).

Any questions or feedback regarding the new A2 Japanese level let me know here.

Hello :wave:, I am new to Flexi Classes (Just signed up a few hours ago) and am looking forward to taking the A2+ level group classes.

If you could provide an update on the availability of the A2+ (N3) level it would really help me in choosing the right subscription level for my needs.

Thank you.


Welcome to Flexi @Vijay
We are working on the next Jaoanese level right now and it will be online by the end of February 2022.
You will definitely be able to study the new classes in March, so one more month for you to finish and review the current forum.


Thank you, looking forward to it.


Hello Vijay
Welcome to the forum. Glad to hear you look forward to the next level.
We are halfway through making the teaching material.
I believe that we can publish at the end of Feb. The next level is B1 (Pre-intermediate) N3.