A suggestion for improvement

Please give us the option to cancel or switch the class(es) to a different time slot instead of having to wait for it to get filled or canceled by admin only 1-2 hours prior.


I see that Noah is talking specifically about situations where no teacher has signed up and it looks like nobody will be available to teach the class. I agree that we should be able to cancel or switch these classes that don’t have a teacher.


In order to get a refund, I have to wait the whole day for these two classes to have a teacher or canceled by admin. Wish I could just switch them to a different time, instead of having to wait the next 8 hours for them to get canceled. My day is ruined.

Hi Noah, I’m sorry for the class got canceled as no teacher sign up. We are working hard to meet every booking. This is quite one of the busiest times of the year for people in Asian culture as Lunar New Year is coming. Some of our teachers are unavailable so we are in a shortage. We are working to fill every booking to bring the best experience to our students. I hope you understand. We work till last hour of the booking to make sure we try every option we can until there’s nothing we can do, then we have to cancel the class. That explains why you might get a notification about a canceled class just hours before the class starts.

I hope you understand

I scheduled (in advance) two sessions at 3:00AM and 4:00AM for today but no teacher sign up for them. I work up at 2:00AM to check only to find out they were canceled. I wish I could cancel them the night before and didn’t have to stay up or wake up to check it.

Very sorry about this - working on it and wont happen again. We have had our Vietnamese classes more than double in the last two months and 99% been taught without problems, so should work out for the future too.

Happy Cat Year!

I agree, the cancelling of the classes by the admin last minute is a major issue. Kind of unfair that the admin can cancel last minute without penalty but a student can’t.


Yes we would love to be able to avoid it, however in some cases when a teacher gets sick (for example with the recent Covid wave in China, this happened a lot) and there is nobody else on short notice to take the class, we have to cancel it. It also would not appropriate to “punish” or make someone pay for not being able to work so there is no penalty for a teacher for this - unless is happens regularly, when we of course will take action

What options are there for when a student gets sick and needs to cancel last minute or at short notice without being penalized? If teachers are allowed to cancel when they are sick or if they have something come up at the last minute (some teachers have told me they have had last minute changes not due to sickness), then the same accommodations should be extended to the student as well.

It’s 2:40am Feb 11th Saturday. I have a Cantonese class reserved for 11am Feb 11th Saturday. Currently, there is still no teacher assigned to the class. It would be nice to have at least 24 hours’ notice so that I can go on with other plans for my morning if no teacher will be assigned, instead of making arrangements to attend the class just to risk finding out at the last minute it will not take place. I emailed LTL support few days ago to kindly cancel the class as soon as possible if no teacher can be found but no reply so far. :slightly_frowning_face: