A new memorization game for Chinese vocabulary!

Hello fellow Mandarin learners!

Just for fun I have created a simple memorization game - your goal is to find all pairs of matching Chinese phrases e.g:

I used to play these kind of games a lot as a kid. They really help with memorizing new things.

Try your luck at the Memory game and let me know your score!


Very cool Ben!

It doesn’t seem to give the score at the end so I missed my score in my 1st go but I checked at the bottom before my last go and I got 15 attempts on the 2nd attempt.

Perhaps the English translation might help for learning as well? If you can fit it in.

Lovely share though - exactly what this forum is about.

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You’re right! I just added an actual score:

Adding an English translation is problematic since there isn’t enough space on the cards. There’s a trick though:

  1. Right click anywhere on the page
  2. A JavaScript console should show up
  3. As you guess, you will see English translations for each phrase in the console

The other small additions to the game are pinyin (now with tone marks instead of numbers) and an actual pronunciation for each phrase (it does work on different browsers including mobile but I’m wondering if it works in mainland China).

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That looks very cool. If any of them fit specific topics in Flexi we could link to that game on the additional materials section of that topic too.

You are doing great stuff Ben - I wish I was a programmer and could do all that stuff too…

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Yes, it should be quite easy to fit specific topics! Let’s chat offline (and if there are any other programmers lurking around, you’re welcome to join the project - it’s all open source).

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@Max I really liked the suggestion to add English so I added it to the footer. It disappears relatively quickly so if you don’t know a word, you may have to click on it more often to learn it (and get a lower score). Once you learn it you get rewarded with higher score.

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Lovely job Ben. I second Andreas’ sentiments, some really tidy little features you are building!

Keep it up

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Since I’m learning Japanese now, I added a deck for hiragana: Pexeso

I hope somebody will find it useful!


Superb work! I must admit I’m a little addicted to Japanese at the moment.

There’s something about being able to read an alphabet from the get-go that I find wholly motivating!

Really fun language to learn and no stress on tones either!


Ben I have a question actually about your Mandarin version. Would you be opposed to us listing this game as a tool on our website here - Chinese Tools 🛠 (Updated for 2021) | Get Fluent, Faster

We’d of course give you full recognition, but I thought it’d be a nice addition to our website.

If so, is there an easy way for us to embed this game onto any webpage?


I would be delighted if you wanted to integrate the game. It is open source and its license is permissive.

Let me reach out to you regarding the technical details.

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