72 hr cancellation policy

I don’t know about everyone else but I find the 72 hr cancellation to be inconvenience. I would prefer a 24 hr or a 48 hr. I book 10 lessons at a time so things do come up and I want to change a particular lesson to a different time. Due to Daylight Saving here in the US, my 6AM class is now 5AM.

“You can cancel a class at any time. If you do so via “Immediate Cancel” within 30 minutes after booking it or at least 72 hrs before the class your credits will be refunded during their validity.”


Hi Noah, thanks for sharing your opinon. I fully understand. As winter time changing also planned ahead so we assume that you can manage to get all the schedule fits in advanced.
I’m sure get that noted. Your feedback helps us improve the experience :hugs: