6 Ways to Say Friend in Chinese

So we’re probably all familiar with the classic way to say friend in Chinese: 朋友 péngyǒu

friend in chinese (1)

BUT there’s actually a lot of ways to say friend in Chinese, including:

好友 hǎo yǒu - a good friend
闺蜜 guī mì - best friend (between women/girls)
兄弟 xiōng dì - bro
哥们儿 gē menr - also used for bros
死党 sǐdǎng - this is a slang term for a super close friend, similar to a ‘ride or die’ friend

Do you know any other interesting ways to say friend in Chinese?

:point_right: BONUS: If you’re a fan of the TV show Friends, here’s everything you need to know about how to talk about it in Chinese :wink:

I had no idea about this one! I have never heard it used in conversation actually, so I’m wondering if it is either: not a very common word to use OR having ride or die friends is not common :laughing:

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I like this one. Often heard in Beijing.

Likewise, @Marine never heard of that one!