5 Ways to Say I Understand in Chinese ✅

Do you know how to say I understand in Chinese?

You probably already know 明白 míngbái but believe it or not, there are SEVERAL ways to express different types of understanding in Chinese:

听得懂 tīngdedǒng
了解 liǎojiě
理解 lǐjiě
清楚 qīngchǔ
理会 lǐhuì

Which one would you use?

PS - We’ve got even MORE ways to say I understand in Chinese in our article right here: https://ltl-shanghai.com/i-understand-in-chinese/

How would you say “I understand” in your native language ?

French would be ‘je comprends’ = ‘I understand’ or ‘j’ai compris’ = ‘I got it’

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This is actually such an interesting topic - 明白了吗?/ 明白了 is something I heard ALL THE TIME in Chinese classes in the mainland, but it’s something I barely ever hear in Taipei. Instead, I’m usually hit with a ‘懂吗?’ or if I explain something to someone, they’ll often reply with a 了解

There’s also a contextual difference between 了解 and 理解, but I can’t remember what it is :thinking: does anyone know? :eyes:

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I feel I always hear this a lot more in Taiwan than the Mainland.

@Hannah - this should answer your question…


Oh wow, super helpful video! 谢谢!

Good to know 理解 can be used for more emotional topics or to sympathize with someone, that could definitely come in handy. Also love the quiz at the end of the video :heart_eyes:

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