5 Ways to Say I Love You in Mandarin 💞

Following up on a previous thread, do you know how to say I love you in Mandarin ?

You probably already know 我爱你 wǒ ài nǐ but it exists many alternatives to express your love in Chinese:

I like you in Chinese is 我喜欢你 wǒ xǐhuān nǐ
I like you very much is 我非常喜欢你 wǒ fēicháng xǐhuān nǐ
I am interested in you is 我对你感兴趣 wǒ duìnǐ gǎnxìngqu
You mean so much to me is 你对我而言如此重要 nǐ duì wǒ ér yán rúcǐ zhòngyào

And those are just a few examples!

I love you in Chinese

PS - Learn 30+ phrases to express I love you in Chinese here : I Love You In Chinese || 37 Phrases To Declare Your Feelings

Is there any interesting expression in your native language to express love?

In French we have an expression “tu es la prunelle de mes yeux” which literally means “you are the pupil of my eye”, meaning you are the most precious thing ever to me, but I swear it is very sweet and doesn’t sound weird :laughing:

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The general rule with Brits is the more they insult you, the more they like you :wink:

I always wonder with 我喜欢你 (I like you) in Chinese, if it sounds the same as it does in English - because in English ‘I like you’ is almost exclusively used for romantic situations. For Mandarin though I’m not sure how intense it sounds to say ‘我喜欢你’ to someone :eyes:

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