5 New Words I Learnt Through My Language Exchange

– 俚语 means slang

– 秋老虎 (my favourite word of the day) this means Indian Summer (a period of warm weather during autumn time)

– 安眠药 this means sleeping pills. My guess of 睡觉药 was promptly laughed at and dismissed. We can’t always guess right!

– 旺季 means peak season

– 资格赛 means qualifying match (in reference to qualifying for a major sporting tournament)

I added all (+ more) to my Pleco and Hack Chinese so I don’t forget them!

Did you guys know any of these?

BONUS || I also learnt this really cool Chengyu/proverb from my colleague whilst chatting on Wechat too

说曹操,曹操到 (shuō cáo cāo , cáo cāo dào) - meaning “speak of the devil (and he arrives)”

I love how this one rolls right off the tongue. It’s also a common one to slip into conversation. I will try to do it in the coming months and see if the natives give me a “wow” reaction :joy:



I knew 旺季 and 说曹操,曹操到. The latter is a famous quote from《三国演义》.

Thank you for sharing this, @max!

Pleasure Ben. I will try and make another list of 5 for when we next meet :slight_smile:

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