4th of July Flexi Student E-Meet Up

Student & LTL Team Online Meet-Up

4th of July 2021

Please join us for a casual chat, Chinese practice, studying tips, idea sharing or just to say hello, make friends and meet the people behind the Flexi Class system.

China Time: Sunday Evening 4th of July

Time: 23:00 Beijing Time

Central European Time (CET): Sunday Afternoon 4th of July

Time: 17:00 Paris Time

Americas Time: Sunday Morning 4th of July

Time: 11am New York Time / 8am Los Angeles Time

Our students are from all over the world, so it is a bit late in East Asia and quite early on the US west coast, however still all reasonably ok. Join us for breakfast in the Americas or a late night chat in Asia. This is just a casual hang out to meet other people, have fun and share some experiences with other students. There will be plenty of Chinese learning advice available, so if you have any questions, this is the time to ask.

Requirements: Nothing

Cost: Free

For: Flexi Class students, teachers and staff

Duration: 60 Minutes – but if we have fun we will stay longer

We will have two channels one Mandarin and one in English. You can switch between those later of course at any time.

Meeting ID: 943 7291 7450 Passcode: 413509

Watch this Youtube video with 5 Pro Tips on how to study better in Flexi Classes https://youtu.be/OPYCqx8TxuU

So we can plan attendance a bit, please RSVP by leaving a message below.


Looking forward to it!


I will come if I am still awake :smiley:


I would like to come, but as the e-meeting starts after midnight in South Australia, I can’t. Will you also be offering something for people in Australia?


I am ready to learn.


We currently have those times, but we could change to earlier next time, though that means for US West Coast it will be in the middle of the night. How many Australians do we have on here who would like to join?

Maybe we could do 10pm Beijing time next time? That would make it a bit earlier for people in Australia and still okay for people on the West Coast of the US (me lol).

Looks like I might be the only one raising my hand from Australia so far… @Andreas_Admin_Flexi and @Kateryna-Mandarin-Intro, thank you for considering my time zone (Adelaide / ACST) but starting 22:00 Beijing time would mean 23:30 - 00:30 for me, which is a no-no for me (recovering from chronic insomnia). However, any time between 9:00-17:00 Beijing time would be 10:30-18:30 ACST (perfect), or between 18:00-22:00 West Coast US time would work also.

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:rofl: :rofl: you forgot about Europe, Africa, Middle East,
(thinking about myself and two teachers I met already)

It’s actually impossible to get all the world together at a decent time.
The World Clock Meeting Planner - Results (timeanddate.com)
But we could change of course…


We normally switch the times up.

As mentioned it’s impossible to sort this perfectly for all, but as long as we get a good % each time and no one is excluded we can run these well :slight_smile:

Next time, we’ll be sure to put Adelaide and our Aussie friends towards the top of the pecking order!


Maybe next time have two seperate sessions - 11pm Taipei / China time is not so ideal either, I’d be pro a more Aussie-friendly time :slight_smile:


I will be glad to join and say hello.


Joining as well! Will see everyone there!

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I will try to join if im still awake

Cant wait!! 11am! looking forward to the meeting

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That’s great and welcome to the Flexi Forum. It’s great to have you here.

Starting in one minute - I am online already

Welcome all Flexi Students (and friends)

Great meeting all you guys and girls yesterday. I enjoyed it a lot. Lets do again next month.


Thank you for hosting and for the conversation. Talking about the process helps keep us going!


Thanks for considering Australians for the next meet-up.