2 ways how to write "Hangeul"

Mostly “Hangeul” is written with the Korean letter h at the beginning.
But two times now, I have seen it written differently.
Also in the LTL lesson 1, slide 3.
Can anyone explain that?


That’s for @Rosie-Cao

A different spelling for the letter h?

Is it a font issue, @Rosie-Cao ?? (I love “riddles” like this :thought_balloon:)
When I copy
it miraculously becomes 한글

소녀 /Sonja ( 하하하)

Where is the difference Sonja? I’m also trying to solve this having recently learnt the Hangeul but to me it all seems fine.

ㅎ is h
ㅏ is a
ㄴ is n

Put together than spell the HAN in Hangeul.

I have seen H written in different fonts though so maybe you saw a different written version and it’s led to some confusion?

yes, so far I know the easier letters (and love them), and that is why I dare to ask. :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:
One time it has two horizontal lines at the beginning, but should it not be the “hat”: ㅎ
slide 3 from the first lesson:

To type a Korean h, the hat, (Korean keyboard) you need the English key of g.
If I type with the font Malgun Gothic or with DengXian I get different results:

Wikipedia also shows the version with horizontal lines only to explain the name of Hangeul. Now I read the whole article aaaand found this here further below. It seems to be the handwriting version. :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

I never learned the romanization for korean I just learned the Hangul using flash cards with sound. Is it worth it to learn the romanization?

I also heard this is the best way to learn Hangul.

I’ve actually found the romanization confused me with the double sounds like b/p and t/d etc.


Especially as English is not my mother tongue, the romanization is really confusing. Also, different apps write it differently.
Aaaand it would be so much easier for me if the sounds would be written with German sounds, or at least the sound language I have learned for English.

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