2 part… Spanish and Gift certs

How’s Spanish coming along? (Ie when might we see it added to flexiclasses?)

Is there a way we can do gift certificates for language classes for new students? With Spanish coming I’d love to gift flexiclasses for Xmas.

For the Spanish course, we are currently on the 2nd draft and will soon proceed to the final check, with an estimated completion timeframe between January 18 and 31. The Spanish A1 course will then be available for booking. Unlike other languages, the Spanish course will offer a fully immersive experience without English translations on each slide.

Additionally, our academic team is also working on the French course, scheduled for launch in March. And the German course will follow after that.

That’s very generous of you! :100: Yes, you can purchase a voucher, and we will issue a discount code under your name. New students can enter this code during the registration process to redeem the discount. We can discuss how to arrange via my private chat on the forum or [email protected].

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