100 ratings but unable to travel

I am not able to travel for a week for the free one week course in China (over 100 classes rated).
Is it an option to have the free course converted to credits?


Yes, the traveling to China situation is still very difficult at the moment though we hope that will change. It’s not possible to convert the week into something else, however Taiwan www.ltl-taiwan.com already has some visas available for students to go there to study and should open evenore categories in the near future.

The best way to get free Flexi Credits is via the Refer a friend option (5 free credits for both the friend and you).

Travel to Taiwan has just been possible again from next week.
You can go to www.ltl-taiwan.com and get your free week of classes there now :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

As someone who is studying simplified characters at the moment, is a week at the LTL Taiwan school still feasible? I would love to go to Taiwan, but my knowledge of traditional characters is limited right now.

We do teach both Sarah so that’s fine. You’d just need to mention it during the booking process.

Of course the other part of it is when you’re out on the streets you are faced with traditional so that’s another challenge.

Whilst I’ve also only ever studied simplified I’ve found that if you get the first 100 or so characters down in traditional it makes the world of difference.

Couple of things for that - as always Hack Chinese! You probably already know Sarah but now you can study both simultaneously which I can’t get enough of!

Secondly, hopefully this article helps you somewhat - Traditional Chinese Characters List 🐙 (Plus Flashcards & FREE Quiz) - LTL Taiwan


exactly. I’ve recently supplemented my classes with some from Taiwan so I needed to add traditional characters and then I found Hack Chinese gives you both, which was huge!

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