10 June, Trivia Quiz Night in Taipei

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Ni Hao’s it going in Taiwan?

LTL is back with one of the most anticipated events. On 10th June we are hosting “Trivia Quiz Night” based on the theme of “How well do you know Taiwan?”

This event has FREE ENTRY with its invitation open to anyone and everyone.

Being a language school, we are offering prizes to the winners of the night as well.

🥇 1st Position team gets FREE IN-PERSON Chinese lesson class
🥈 2nd Position team gets FREE CREDITS to our online platform which is called Flexi Classes

This quiz night’s theme will be all about Taiwan, so prepare all the facts that you possibly can about the beautiful Formosa island and let’s compete to win the prize.

📍 The venue for the event is Belly Barcade Taiwan
106, Taipei City, Da’an District, Section 1, Heping E Rd, 177號號B1

Doors open at 7:30 PM
The quiz starts at 8 PM

There are no entry fees for the event so let’s respect the venue by ordering a meal or a drink to give back the appreciation.

That being said, tell your friends (or enemies), family, anyone and everyone to come by and have a fun night dedicated to this beautiful island that we live on.


So sad I can’t make it. It’s a great venue :slight_smile: Definitely next time when I don’t have COVID :smile_cat:


Oh get well soon. Would have been great to have you there to represent Flexi :smiley:
I havent been to LTL Taiwan since CNY 2020…


Get well soon Chloe! Hope you are not feeling intense effects. Definitely, next events are on the way :slight_smile:


Any plans for another quiz night or activity? :slight_smile:

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Yes Chloe, @Rushi-Mandarin_Simplified_HSK will be releasing details tomorrow.

It’s coming on Friday of this week :slight_smile:

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