Which Time Zone are Flexi Classes in?

As we are asked quite often about time zones in Flexi Classes, I wanted to start a topic about it.
Flexi Class times are always displayed in the time zone that is set under “Settings”. When the system creates your account it usually uses your computer time to set as default (best to double check though).

Class times will automatically adjust if winter/summer time changes in your area, so this is nothing you have to worry about. This is the same for Classes and Full Courses.

If you travel to another time zone, make sure to not forget to update your time zone.

As Flexi Classes are available 24/7 day and night, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, classes are always offered in your time zone.

This is where you can see and change your default time zone:

  • Click on your Profile Picture in the top right
  • Choose “My Settings”