Upgrade subscription - when does it become valid?


I wanted to check, if I upgrade my subscription, does it become valid immediately, or do I have to wait until next month until the additional credits kick in?

I’ve just got back from a month holiday in the UK and have 2 weeks of quarantine - I’d like to have an intense learning month so would like to upgrade from 5 to 30, but I don’t want to do that if it actually upgrades next month (this is a one time thing… haha).


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That’s a great question thanks for asking it.

There are two possible different scenarios

  1. You have an active subscription

While you have an active subscription (scroll down to the bottom of “Credits” to check if you have one) you can change, cancel or do anything want with your subscription and nothing will happen, except on the day where it renews/expires. Whatever is chosen on that day will happen (renew, change to another package you chose or get cancelled).
While you have an active subscription you can buy as many additional individual credits as you like.

  1. You don’t have an active subscription

If you don’t have an active subscription when you chose a subscription and confirm it, it will become active immediately. So you will receive your credits straight away and be charged. That subscription will then be valid for one month. After that month it will renew/change/be cancelled depending on what the settings to have chosen on the day of renewal, as described in 1) above.
When you don’t have an active subscription you cannot buy additional individual credits, you need to get a subscription first.

For you case, do you currently have an active subscription and if yes when will it expire?

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Ah ok, thanks!

For me, yes I have an active subscription which renews on the 15th of each month. So my only choice for the next 2 weeks is to buy additional credits. That’s fine, it was what I did in my last quarantine, but thought I would check to make sure :slight_smile:

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Also, looking back at the webpage it does say that at the bottom, I obviously didn’t read closely enough! I blame the jetlag :slight_smile:

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Ah yes. When you have an active subscription and you need additional credits, you have to buy them individually. For next month if you want to receive more credits on the 15th of October you can switch to a bigger subscription and will be charged and receive those then on the 15th of October.

Hopefully you will be out of quarantine by then though :grinning: