Time Zones in profiles - different between Forum & Lessons

I changed my time zone on my profile tab from the forum - but that doesn’t correlate to the settings tab on your account settings (see screenshots below).

I would suggest for LTL to add a warning about this on the profile settings - I thought I had updated my settings and I missed my class because I thought it was midday Taipei time but it was midday Seoul time :frowning:

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Good spot that Chloe, thanks for sharing.

One for @Andreas-Mandarin-HSK_6 to check out.

Oh that’s a good point. Yes time zone for Flexi Forum and Flexi Classes is set individually and not connected to each other.
We will look into this!
If you email support and explain with a link to this thread you can get the credit back for the class you missed too :wink:

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