Teacher no show

I am sitting in my class Revuew lesson 276-278
8月19 号waiting for Gabriella Zhou! Nobodys here! What to do? Regina

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Please email [email protected] we will get that sorted out asap.
In China internet restrictions have been significantly tightened during the last few weeks due to current political tensions, which can lead to some people not being able to connect to some international websites and services at times.
This has lead to some teachers not being able to log into some classes recently.
We are working on this, plus hopefully as things calm down in a few weeks the internet should run normally again too.

Just a quick update. We are investigating this, Gabriella showed up in time for the class and entered the zoom meeting (actually 10 minutes early) and in the end the class went ahead which is great and of course the most important thing :smiley:
I suspect a Zoom tech issue, investigation continues!