Study Progress on YouTube

Hey guys, just wanted to share I am starting a little 2/3 week study chats on our new YouTube channel

I’ll be talking about my progress learning 4 languages at once, things I do well, things to avoid, things I’m enjoying etc.

Hope it’s something maybe some of you guys can relate to, advise me on ways to improve etc

Just a way for me to share my journey.

FYI - we’d gladly welcome any of the same ilk if you guys fancy getting involved too


excellent. How is it going? I think a comparison of the difficulties Japanese, Korean and Mandarin is very interesting.
Personally I am also very interested in Vietnamese because I am studying that, but not as popular of course in general.

So far, so good. More progress with Japanese but I guess you can never progress perfectly parallel when learning languages.

This week I have Monday-Tuesday Japanese, Wednesday a rest day, Thursday-Friday Korean.

I’m finding the study goals I set every week on Sunday evenings really help focus some direction, a good tip for steady, long term progress.

It was a great feeling yesterday going to a Japanese garden in London, and being able to read all the Hiragana and Katakana with no issues.