Question about the expiry date of credits


I have a question about the expiry date of credits.
Should I take all the classes before the expiry date? Or I can still take a class when I book classes before the expiry date? (ex, the expiry date is Dec 3, but if I book a class on Dec 1 and the class will start from Dec 5 6pm. Can I still take this class? )

Thank you!

Hi Nana,
yes , you can fix dates at any time in the future.
You only need to book the dates (whenever in the future) before the expiry date.
The only thing is, after this expiry date you can’t change anything about the date and get the credit back . Before the expiry date you could cancel and rebook 72 hours before that date, and get the credit back.


Thank you Sonja! Your answer helps me a lot! 謝謝

Thank you @Sonja-Mandarin-HSK_3 for helping other students to understand more how the system works.
And yes, @Nana-Mandarin_Simplified_Intro, Sonja answered clearly for you. You can also read more about how credits work from this site Flexi Classes | How They Work (Your Questions, Answered)

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Thank you @AmeNguyen, I’ll check the page!

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