One Review for One Credit // Two for Two etc

Hi everyone - just wanted to ask politely if any of you are enjoying Flexi if you could review us online?

I have emailed a number of you personally - so if you’ve already done this then do ignore.

I’d happily give you one credit for each review you provide us to the following links

Google - Google Maps

Trustpilot - LTL Language School Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

Facebook - Redirecting...

You are welcome to review us in other areas also and send me the link. We can end credits for these other websites also. Reviews can be in any language so don’t feel compelled to do English. Actually having other languages shows how international we are.

In the UK the above websites are probably the most viewed with reviews but I know this changes all over the world.

Each and every review is so precious for a company like ours at the moment - given the fact Flexi Classes is still very much a baby in the big, bad online world!

Any questions do drop me an email - [email protected]

Thanks all in advance for being a great community and driven set of students :slight_smile:


Reviewed on Trustpilot and Google already, will write you one on Facebook too :smiley: Really love learning with LTL!


Oooh super nice of you Katie! 2 is already incredibly generous but a 3rd is just superb! We’ll fire you over a free credit for more Japanese classes!

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Wow you’re amazing, thanks so much!!! :smiley:

I did the google map one a few weeks ago when Andreas asked, and just did the FB one! I also did the trustpilot one a few months ago, but it got reported as a fake/spam, I’ll see if I can sort that one out…


And a lovely one as well. Even this forum got mentioned. Thanks a lot, it is very much appreciated.
We are all working from home and rarely get to meet an actual student. After a while one starts to wonder if all the things we do actually do matter to people?
Reading comments like this make me want to go to work again tomorrow and make Flexi even better. 谢谢


Lovely review Chloe, I’ve sent you over an extra credit as a thanks. Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

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@Max Mission completed. Let me know if you need any more reviews.

@Andreas-Mandarin-HSK_6 Yes, all the things you do matter to people! Please continue showing up for work :wink:

Wow, three superb reviews Ben, some of the quotes in there are incredibly flattering also :smiley:

We’ve passed them on to the team so everyone can read them. I’ve also dropped you your free credits as a huge thank you for that!

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Great site - I’ve dropped a recommendation on Google: Google Maps and Trust Pilot (under Matt)

Hi Matt, welcome to the forum. It’s great to have another face here.

Thank you very much, it really does help us as we still remain in relative infancy as a platform!

I’ve topped your account up as promised. I hope you continue to enjoy your lessons and maybe I’ll see you in one soon!


Just joined Flexi, excited to learn :blush: but added my reviews too!

Google: Google Maps
Trust Pilot: LTL Language School reviewed by Michelle Ly on 10/28/2021
Facebook: I did it , but I can’t attach a link :0

Hi Michelle, that’s super generous, thank you so much. We don’t have an awful lot of Vietnamese reviews at the moment so every single one is really valuable to us.

I couldn’t actually see a Facebook review from you, but I saw the other two.

For reference the Facebook review can be left here - Redirecting...

Either way, I’ve topped up your account as a thank you.

Enjoy your lessons


Oh! I edited the audience for the post so everyone can see it. Here’s also a screenshot of the FB post!
Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 9.04.20 PM


Ah yes I can see it now! Thanks Michelle, 3 reviews is really quite generous! Keep up the great studying by the way.

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I just added my third review (already contributed to Facebook and Trustpilot):

Thank you for providing this great online study option, LTL School!


Superb Kelly, everyone at LTL hugely appreciates it! Not far off 100 reviews on Google now which is an exciting milestone :slight_smile:


reviewed on google maps


Thanks a lot and welcome to the forum. Feel free to create a new post to ask any questions to might have, including studying questions (HSK 1 is a challenging part on the journey to fluency).