No teacher planned or teacher cancelled teaching

Now I have the problem: I had teachers for my planned mandarin HSK 5and 5+ classes, but they cancelled within 72 hours before staring class! So my problem is: I have no trachers, but I cannot cancel the class, because otherwise I lose my point! So I have to wait till class starts, then write support, begging my point back!
I think, if there is no teacher 6 hours before course, we should be able to cancel and smoothly get back point?! Please give me a feedback!


Hi Regina, I understand that this has been frustrating for you, and I appreciate your suggestion to allow students to cancel six hours before the course if there is no teacher. We will take your feedback into consideration and see if there is anything we can do to improve the process. Thank you for being patient with us. This change might take quite a long time to consider and we will announce once it is confirmed.

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