No show Teacher

Lesson: guessing riddles 2022年11月28日 7:00pm( vienna time)

We - antoine and I waited, no teacher shown till 7:17!
After 10 minutes we tried to reentry- no teacher and waited till 7:17

Please write the point back!

Nice greetings, Regina

I wrote here, because no answer to email!
Please install an emergency tool for this problem!!!

Hello Regina :smiley:
Thank you for the post and I’m sorry that the teacher had technical issue that she couldn’t join the meeting :disappointed:. I just checked the system and gave you and Antoine each one credit of the class and one extra more. I also remove the class from your progress so please rebook the class with the credit I just added.
And for the emergency tool, I’m sure get that noted.
Sorry for all of the inconvenience it caused to you and I also sent you and Antoine email reply for this problem. Email support is the right place to report this kind of problem. Don’t worry. It often takes some time to investigate what happened as we don’t want this situation happen ever again :heart: