I didn't see anyone in the class even the teacher. And no reply from support. What should I do?

Hello, yesterday I booked an online Mandarin class and I joined zoom, but I didn’t see the teacher there for one hour. I emailed to the support too but I haven’t had any reply yet. What should I do? Can I get back my 1 credit for the trial period?

I found the online classes were great in the last 2 lessons, so I was thinking to continue the subscription. But if this kind of thing happens a lot, I don’t want to continue… umm

How often the students experience this situation? I’m not sure if the teacher was late or it was a system error.


I’m sorry to hear your class didn’t work out! I had this experience once but it was a 1:1 class and it was purely human error, which can happen to any one of us. It’s not representative.

@Andreas_Admin_Flexi - this is one for you.

I’ve had 47 classes and never happend to me… so the occassions that this happens are rather rare. :slight_smile:

If something’s off, heading to the forum is always a good idea… help is usually quick!

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Thank you for the comments! Good to hear that this thing rarely happened.
I’m still waiting for a reply from the support. Hope I can solve the credit issue and continue studying.

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Hi Nana, sorry to hear this. It is indeed a rare occurrence!

@Andreas-Mandarin-HSK_6 or Ame will get this looked into for you.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your lessons :slight_smile:

Hi Max, okay I’ll wait for their reply! Thanks!

Hello @Nana-Mandarin_Simplified_Intro thanks for creating the topic here and also sending the email to support. I saw it there, we have one team member on maternity leave and handing work over this week so are a little bit slower on replying than usual, but please dont worry we are on it. I will update you asap and dont worry you will of course get your credits back.

Hi @Andreas_Admin_Flexi, thank you for your reply. I’ll wait for the email. But I had to cancel the subscription before I get back trial credit because my trial period expired yesterday…

@Nana-Mandarin_Simplified_Intro yes of course. Support sent the email already, so you have it all in your inbox and the credits in your account.
Very sorry about this and we will make sure this wont happen again. Happy studying and thanks a lot for posting here. Please keep asking questions in the Forum, we are very happy to help.

@Andreas_Admin_Flexi I got an email. Thanks for your help!

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I had it happen to me eventually… had no teacher in my Zoom class October 25th and immediately contacted support with screenshots and all. Still no reply after almost a week.

Hello, thanks a lot and I am very sorry about this. This should not happen. We just checked our support email though and we did not receive any message from you since March.
Maybe it got lost somewhere? Did you email to [email protected] or maybe somewhere else?
Could you forward the email you sent to ame @ flexiclasses directly too so she can check. We will definitely sort this out straight away. Thanks for all the patience.

Hello Andreas. Mail is still in my sent-folder, maybe it ended up in your spam folder … I ckecked and the address seems to be right. I will re-send it to [email protected] and CC to [email protected] Thanks for your quick reply again!

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Thanks. We definitely did not receive it. Please forward to me on [email protected] too so I can find out if we need to adjust the spam settings or solve some other tech issue

I re-send the email to support and Ame yesterday around 3pm (Bejing) and 9pm to you… hope the mail came through. Also tested if the problem was on my side and forwarded to another email address of mine which worked…

Hi Stefanie, I received your email and I will sort it out for you right away. Sorry for all the inconvenience :hugs:

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