How do you say Christmas in your language? (+Christmas food!) 🎄

I can see on the Forum that we all come from various countries so I was wondering how do you say Christmas in your language and what are your Christmas foods and traditions if you celebrate?

I’ll start!

I’m French, and Christmas is Noël. Merry Christmas! would be Joyeux Noël !

In my family we put up the Christmas tree around the 10th December (real tree), have a family reunion dinner on the 24th and give each other presents on the 25th morning, because we all stay over night. :christmas_tree::gift:

We would eat all sorts of food such as oysters, shrimps and other sea foods, foie gras and charcuterie, toasts and other tartines. Because my family lives in the French Alps region and there’s a lot of cheese being produced there, the main dish would either be a cheese fondue (fondue savoyarde in French) or a Raclette (melted cheese with potatoes and charcuterie). Note that other French families may have a completely different menu!

How about you? :star_struck:

Image 1 - Raclette
Image 2 - Fondue savoyarde




I’m in Italy this Christmas and my wife and I are braving it with a half Italian half British combination dinner!

I know Italians have a big December 24th feast which mainly consists of fish (super weird for Brits this)!

In England we go mad for Turkey on Christmas Day. We’re going to cook for 6 and I’ve already started researching and practicing for fear of messing it up (we all know what Italians are like with food)!

On the whole we’ll be serving:

Turkey, Stuffing, Yorkshire Puddings, Roasted Vegetables, Sprouts with Pancetta & Lemon, Turkey Gravy and “Pigs in Blankets” (google them if you’ve never heard of them) and a few other little treats!

Fingers crossed - really excited to make it!

Merry Christmas one and all!