How did you pick your languages? I'll start

Here’s a fun thread I saw on Twitter I thought you’d like!

How did you pick your languages? I’ll start…

:fr: native
:uk: mandatory language at school
:de: mandatory 2nd language at school (the other option was Spanish but hey, I was a fan of Tokio Hotel back then if anyone remembers)
:cn: was an “option” in high school for extra credit, then absolutely loved the language and took it as a major at university
:jp: mandatory third language for my bachelor degree, I used to watch a lot of Japanese dramas as a teenager so it was an easy choice
:kr: I watched “Full House” with Song Hye Kyo sometime in 2008, fell in love with the language, completely forgot about j-dramas, and studied it on and off since then

How about you?

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That’s a good one!

:it: native
:uk: mandatory language at school
:es: mandatory 3rd language at school (my favourite language ever! Even if I had to gave it up at uni, I always try to practice it on my own)
:cn: started in high school it really wasn’t my cup of tea, then I decided to continue studying it at uni and boom, we finally fell in love​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Very cool idea

:uk: native
:fr: mandatory language at school (I never enjoyed studying languages at school!)
:de: mandatory 2nd language at school (same as above!)
:cn: first time I ever lived abroad. Fascinated by the language and had to learn it.
:it: wife is Italian, love the language and refuse to not speak the language in fear of secretive words being spoken about me!
:jp: my favourite country in the world. The language sounds so nice, the culture is amazing and the language bears some resemblance to Mandarin, giving me a slight head start.
:kr: took some beginner classes. Love the alphabet but have never got further. Just done for fun
:ru: another language that fascinates me. Took the first 5 Flexi Classes.

:us: Born in the USA
:vietnam: Lived in Saigon from 2001 to 2010, and then Danang for 1 year. I have forgot a lot of it, but now and then I watch video in Vietnamese and it comes back very quickly. I think when I’m more satisfied with my Chinese, I’ll brush up on my Vietnamese again.

It’s like a Bruce Springsteen song.

:cn: Moved to China, was tired from learning Vietnamese, couldn’t bare starting from scratch again,so didn’t bother learning Chinese for the first several years :dizzy_face: (oh the regret). Then the company I work for offered us a free subscription to Chinese Pod, I dabbled and I was hooked.

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:vietnam: heritage, my first language
:us: native speaker
:es: foreign language requirement in high school
:kr: had Korean roommates who taught me hangul and got me into kpop, started dating a Korean person, moved to Korea
:fr: started dating and living with a French person
Also took a class in Mandarin (super fun!) and Arabic (dropped the class because of bad classmates) but neither were priorities to me so I haven’t picked them up again.