Enter Language Learning on My Profile

It takes some time to find the language names on “My profile”, because they are all written in their mother language.
At first I didn’t find “Deutsch” quickly, haha, for my mother tongue. Okay, I thought can’t be a problem to enter the rest :rofl: :rofl:
Then, “learning …” , there is no 汉语 or 普通话,then I discovered 官话 (new word, but looked familiar), and finally 中文。:slight_smile:
“Want to learn”, I know what Korean looks like, but I can’t type it. ;-), so you have to scroll through everything. I would know how to write 日本语 for Japanese, and found Việtnam, but there is no 上海语。
Not really an important thing, - I had fun researching language names and tell you here “my findings”. :raising_hand_woman:


Yes, we decided to do it this way when we designed the system. I thought its more interestind and appropriate for a community like ours as we are a group of language learners.
It is difficult to use though, and I noticed that too when I was trying to enter my languages. Some of the terms are pretty hard to find.
We might change it all to English in another update. Thanks for the feedback, always very good to hear what people think.

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