Contacting Teachers

Hey everyone…

Just wanted to know if there’s a way to contact the teachers about organizational topics or is the way always through support?

Might be late a quarter of an hour for a class and just wanted to give a heads up. Just noticed I have an appointment right before class starts and now it’s only 69 hours before class and I don’t want to cancel. :frowning:

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Hi Stef

There isn’t really an official route to contact a teacher directly. You can let the school know, otherwise you can load Zoom on your phone and send a message in the Zoom chat at the relevant time so the teacher knows to wait. I’ve done that if there has been a problem before.


If there is no student teachers will wait 30 minutes in the class and then leave.
So dont worry about being 15 minutes late, the teacher will still be there.

It is not possible to contact teachers and the system is designed like this on purpose. I know it sounds like a nice idea to be able to let teachers know about delays etc however in practice it would put too much stress and pressure on teachers.

If there is a way to contact people then these people would also be obliged to check, read, reply or take action according to that message (whatever it might be). A teacher however might have other classes when you message, be asleep or just no time to check their phone.

We want to make sure that our teachers can 100% focus on teaching and do not have to do admin. We do that for them.

If you have a message for a teacher please email [email protected] but keep in mind that teachers are not obliged to read passed on messages either.
With group classes managing 0(and even remembering) individual messages from each student when they might arrive etc would just be too much.

But again, don’t worry your teacher will be waiting for 30 minutes anyways. Or the suggestion above is very good too, just log into the class write a message in the chat, leave and come back whenever you are ready.


Thanks for both your replies, especially your lenghty explanation, Andreas!
I can imagine that a lot of students would contact teachers about language-related questions if direct contacting was possible, so no hard feelings on my side not to be able to contact them. :slight_smile:

I did read that teachers would wait for thirty minutes but would feel awful to have someone wait, so Vickis solution sounds great? I ended up being on time for class and had a great time with Wang Laoshi. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: