Class with Emma Ying

I just had a class with Emma Ying (HSK 4 What is Happiness 即使。。。也). Wow, what an interesting method of teaching she has! This is the second time I’ve had a class with her and both were great.

She shows you drawings and pictures getting you to create and really think about scenarios. These scenarios aim to practice the grammar point and vocabulary of the lesson. However, it also brings out so much of the other vocabulary and grammar you already know. Throughout the whole lesson students and teacher are each speaking around 50 percent of the time. If you don’t get something, she helps you along, or asks another student to help. She gives needed vocabulary, but not overdoing it, she corrects, but again not overdoing it. All done almost entirely in Chinese. So engaging!

I find the lesson so compelling, I’m concentrating on the scenarios she creating when its the other students turn as much as when she’s talking directly to me.


10/10 Emma Ying


Had a few lessons with Emma as well. Must second your sentiments - superb teacher.

Hugely engaging and always equipped with a smile! Thanks for sharing Phillip :smiley:


Thanks so much for the kind words. I will pass them on if you dont mind.

I agreed Emma is an amazing teacher. She has been with us from day one of Flexi Classes. Very popular for 1on1 programs too :grin:
You can click on her profile and see her upcoming group classes too if you want to take more classes with her (I definitely would).

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As one of the other participants in this class I wholeheartedly agree. We had a lot of fun!

Emma was also involved in creating the Free speaking classes. It would be great to get her to teach them more often. She has a gift for getting everyone to talk and participate in a very natural way.


Definitely agree. Emma is a superb teacher, creating her own materials using the same design themes, images, fonts etc. as the flexiclass PDFs. But on top of that, she is always friendly, attentive, and she knows to speak more slowly and repeat herself for me. It really helps. She’s definitely a 10/10 teacher!!

I also noticed that after posting on the forum recently about my anxiety issues, I found Emma had been assigned to all my classes, which was really appreciated. Thank you!


Yes totally agree. I loved Emma as a teacher and I think her scenario creating is by far the best method of teaching I’ve come across. I think emphasising that the students are to use the word (not just tell them what it means) is critical!

I find I am not remembering the new vocabularies for HSK 4+ as much as I was for HSK 4 and I think asking students using the vocabulary to make sentences is the key part of this


Yeah for sure.

And the way she teaches, you are either speaking or you are engaged in listening because she’s usually asking you something “what problem does this guy have?”, “what should she do?”, “Your his mom, what do you say to him?” etc. And you have to pay attention when she’s asking the other student, because she sometimes then suddenly ask you “What do YOU think about that?”


Agreed, she is a good teacher, i enjoy her lessons