Advanced proficiency level... thoughts?

Hi everyone,

Just some questions about what is considered “Advanced Proficiency” in Chinese. What do you all think?

= HSK6.0
= HSK6.0+
= HSK9.0+

This article says “Advanced” covers anything from the new HSK 7.0:
New HSK levels for learning Chinese (Update 2022) - GoEast Mandarin

But it also depends on the context, I think. For instance, business proficiency could be a bit lower, say, in the 7.0+ band, whereas native speaker proficiency would be higher, say, in the 9.0+ band. A professional translator would have to be 9.0+, wouldn’t they?


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I feel HSK becomes increasingly literature language after HSK4, also the range 7 to 9 is more for translators or historians? I think HSK6 obviously is advanced proficiency but it also depends on your ability to put sentences together. The current HSK exams don’t test this and I’ve seen HSK4 students who are more fluent at making a casual conversation in Chinese than people with a HSK6 certificate. So it depends!