Additional files shared by teacher

Hello, I have just finished 2 classes recently, both teaches shared some noted materials’s files, but i cannot see it on my screen page, so that i cannot download it. Can you help me on this matter?


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No to reply on this, since I just found it.


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Welcome to the forum @Chansophea-Mandarin-HSK_1 its great to have you.
And thanks so much for asking this question. I know other students have struggled with finding the additional files (we call it “annotated pdf” usually) has confused other people too, so even though you already found it, please allow me to answer it anyways :grinning:

  1. Go to “My Classes” in the menu
  2. Scroll down to “My Past Classes”
  3. Click on the Class you want the annotated pdf for
  4. Click the light blue button “Annotated pdf” in the top right corner, below the teachers picture

Anyhow thanks for your reply.



Most welcome - thank you for asking!
It might sounds a bit strange, but I really enjoy nothing more than helping people to use Flexi Classes better.
Please ask again if there is anything you would need help with.

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Hiya, my “annotated pdf” seems not to have the annotations on - but I’m not sure if there is an issue with seeing the pdf annotations on Mac.
Please can you check this? Lesson is from : Sun, June 13, 2021 15:00 HSK 4 Chapter 5 Blind Date

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I just checked the file has annotations on it with my Samsung phone.
However you should be able to see them with Mac too. Anyone else has checked their annotated pdfs with a Mac?

I don’t see any annotations on the screenshot you posted?

The reason I ask was because I specifically wanted to check some vocabulary we discussed in the class, and was annotated on one of the slides, describing people who didn’t want to be married, because it came up again in the TV show I’m watching (三十而已)

I also took some screenshots during the lesson - for example

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@Chloe-Mandarin-HSK_5 I checked with your teacher and she accidentally uploaded the wrong file as the annotated pdf. She updated the file already and you can download the correct annotated pdf in your Past Classes now.
Sorry for the confusion!

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