A FREE free speaking class anyone?

We want to try out our new HSK 4+ Free Speaking pdf. We are looking for HSK 3+/4/5 level Mandarin students to joina free trial class. Time and date we would decide once we have a group of people interested.
The class will be recorded.
If interested please leave a message below with your name, current Mandarin Level on Flexi, which time zone you are in and when you would be available this week/weekend.

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Name: 本家明
Mandarin level: 4+
Timezone: PDT

  • 8/10 (Tue): 10-12, 13-17
  • 8/11 (Wed): 9-12, 15-17
  • 10/12 (Thu): 10-12, 13-17
  • 10/13 (Fri): 9-12, 13-17
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excellent nd welcome to the Forum Ben. So we have the first participant. We would need at least one more person though. Who else wants to practice some Mandarin for free?

I would be interested. Any weekday evening from 6pm to midnight (Beijing time). Weekend pretty much any time ok.

If you aren’t able to find more students 3+ or higher, I can try my best! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Name: Brittany
Mandarin level: 3
Time zone: ADT

8/11 (Wed): 00:00 - 9:00 BJT
8/12 (Thu): 00:00 - 4:00 BJT
8/13 (Fri): 00:00 - 9:00 BJT
8/14 (Sat): 22:00 - 9:00 BJT
8/15 (Sun): 22:00 -9:00 BJT

Interesting. It looks like the only time we might be all able to make it is Wed midnight BJT. Would that work?

…or Saturday midnight BJT.

Name: Carl
Flexi Level: HSK 4+
Time Zone: EST (BJT-12)

8/14 (Sat) 21:00-2:00 BJT (9am-2pm EST)
8/15 (Sun) 21:00-2:00 BJT (9am-2pm EST)

I can join this weekend if you need another.

Great, I direct messaged all the people who replied above. If anyone else wants to join still, please leave a comment here and I will add you to the group.

I’d like to join if the timings work out! I am HSK 4, in CST timezone.
My free times (Beijing time):
T12 12-1, 7-9pm
F13 11-1, 5-9pm
S/S most of the time

Great I will pm you


We have had our first class already and will have a second FREE free speaking class for HSK 4+ level on Saturday at 7pm (Beijing time).
One participant so far, if anyone wants to join too, please let me know.

If there’s still room for one more student on Saturday at 7pm (Beijing time), I would love to join the speaking class!

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welcome to the Forum @Elias-Mandarin-HSK4
We had our last Free Free Speaking Class today.
Went really well and we had loads of very useful feedback. They will be coming online in September once we finished the full HSK 4+ level


I am HSK4 in UTC-1